ForumQ2A is a new social forum for LMS Moodle providing modern features. Besides posting questions and answers, it allows all users to:

  • Vote up or vote down a post and sort questions by the number of positive votes
  • Tag questions and search them by tags
  • Flag inappropriate posts
  • Get email notification

People who posted questions are also allowed to

  • Select the best answer to their questions, in such a way that the selected answer will be displayed at the top of the page

Course administrators will be able to

  • Moderate the flagged posts

Users will be credited a certain number of points by posting questions or answers. Top contributors will be listed on a dedicated page.

Based on the open source platform Question2Answer(, ForumQ2A works as an activity plugin in Moodle. The integration goes seamlessly as the user authentication is managed by Moodle. The plugin meets all the key Moodle requirements such as the support of backup/restore and it works in different group modes as well.

You can download our current version of the ForumQ2A plugin through this link: