The Moodecx project intends to “Moocise” Moodle by simplifying its interface and developing new plugins. The final product allows Moodle administrators to host Moocs based on their knowledge of Moodle, while keeping Moocs’ data locally.

Moodecx offers a range of new and refurbished activities such as a brand new forum, a robust group management system, a peer ranking systems. reports, blocks and themes complete this system.

-> First phase is 100% developed.
Download it here:

-> Access to HES-SO Moocs :

-> Second phase is 100% developed. We regularly publish here ongoing results of the project. The Moodecx Project is 100% compatible with Experience API (TinCan)

This phase is oriented on developing metrics, dedicated dashboards to analyze Moocs’ data, while relying on tincan API.


About us :

Moodecx is being developed by Cyberlearn, the e-Learning Center of the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO) and funded by the network HES-SO ISNet (Information Services Network).

The activities of Applied Research and Development Ra&D aim to generate new knowledge in the different fields of study of the HES-SO. They are carried out with partners from the world of practice, usually at the regional level, or with other universities both at Swiss and international level.



Here is a brief description of each plugin we plan to develop and its current state of development.

Please note that :
None of the names given below are official.

The plugins at disposal can be changed by our team.



In order to display videos on our webpage, we developed a video plugin with a frame that allows to insert videos from any platform.

The video plugin is developed (100%).


Group management

Based on the existing and very popular Group Choice plugin developed by Nicolas Dunand, the group management plugin will offer some exclusive features like group creation, public and private groups, video description and much more.

The group management plugin is developed (100%).


Forum Q2A

Moodle’s Q&A forums don’t allow students to efficiently ask open questions to their classmates and teachers. The social forum will solve this problem by creating a new forum activity based on the open source platform Question2Answer. It will then be possible for the students to ask their questions, write their answers, vote for the best answers and comment on other people’s opinion.

The social forum plugin is developed (100%).

Bitbucket code :


Automatic certification generator

This plugin will consist in minor changes in the Moodle Certificate. It will provide the teacher with a new resource for each course, which can automatically generate a personal certification for every student completing the course. This plugin can also check the authenticity of a delivered certificate, based on a verification code which is printed on the certificate itself.

The automatic certificate generation plugin is developed (100%).


Moodle and course themes

Brand new Moodle themes will make the use of Moodle easier than ever for people unfamiliar with Moodle platforms.

The Moodle themes is developed (100%).


User list

Moodle’s default student list is limited and outdated. Our new user list will allow Moodle students to discover other students of a course in a more engaging way, e.g., by locating the students on a map, by allowing them to create a video where they can introduce themselves.

The user list plugin is developed (100%).


Automatic notifications

Moodle lacks an automatic notification system, and this plugin means to address precisely this issue. With this plugin, a teacher will be able to plan the time for sending a message, after a student has completed an action, or when a certain date has been reached.

The automatic notifications plugin is developed (100%).